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Ovomaltine Napolitains - 250g

Ovomaltine Napolitains - 250g

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Ovomaltine Napolitains - 250g

Indulge in Ovomaltine milk chocolate bites, the perfect little snack for any occasion. These crispy Ovo chocolate pieces are crafted using the original recipe. Be warned: once you start with the first one, you won't be able to stop! So, never open a pack when you're alone, or you'll find yourself devouring these tiny, irresistible delicacies. Ovomaltine Napolitain mini-bars come in a single-bite size, individually wrapped in convenient pouches. Treat yourself to this always-worthwhile crispy delight.  

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Sugar, cocoa butter, 16 % malted beverage powder* Ovomaltine [BARLEY malt extract, condensed skimmed MILK, condensed MILK permeate,fat-reduced cocoa powder, sugar, fructose, minerals (magnesium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate), rapeseed oil, vitamins (A, E, C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folic acid, B12, biotin, pantothenic acid), salt, flavouring vanillin], whole MILK powder, cocoa mass, skimmed MILK powder, HAZELNUTS, emulsifier SOY lecithin, natural flavouring. May contain: almonds. Cocoa: 32% min. in chocolate.

Information for allergy sufferers: See highlighted ingredients


Swiss milk chocolate with Ovomaltine* Approx.50 pieces. 250g.


Store in a cool dry place.

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