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Ovomaltine Mini Chocolate Branches 5 pieces - 110g

Ovomaltine Mini Chocolate Branches 5 pieces - 110g

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Ovomaltine Mini Chocolate Branches

Shall we introduce her to you? The Ovaltine branch - the crispiest branch in Switzerland. It's easy, it's the crunchy branch: it's crispy on the outside, melting on the inside and offers pure pleasure - typically Ovo. Wait, the best is yet to come: lots of Ovo chips offer even more loooong crunchy fun! Grab an Ovo branch to calm your cravings, for ten o'clock or four o'clock (great in combination with a bun) - or just to indulge yourself with a little Ovo fun. The Ovaltine branch is made in Switzerland - with delicate UTZ-certified cocoa and without palm oil.   Ovomaltine Mini Chocolate Branches for a moment of pure pleasure.

Information for allergy sufferers: See highlighted ingredients

Swiss milk chocolate (38%) with creamy filling (49%), Ovomaltine* and cocoa rice crisp
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