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Fairtrade Hero Assorted Honey - 6x25g

Fairtrade Hero Assorted Honey - 6x25g

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'honey (Latin America). Free from gluten. Free from lactose. Vegetarian. Honey: Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade produc''ers. Total 100%. Fairtrade Code 2099503. Visit'
'Blossom honey creamy and liquid' ENJOY THE GUILT-FREE PLEASURE OF ONE HONEY IN TWO VARIETIES: The four creamy and two liquid honey portions made by Hero are 100% fair trade and Max Havelaar-certified. Natural and packaged to preserve the products integrity, this honey contains essentialnutrients and minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and has a refined flavor. These little pick-me-ups will add some sweetness to your day, spread on bread, use as a sweetener in drinks, muesli and plenty of other foods. The convenient serving size is perfectfor breakfast buffets and for on- the-go.
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'Honey is a product which can crystallise at low temperatures. To prevent crystallisation, it is recommended to keep this product'' at a temperature above 18°C.'

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