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Cailler Dessert Milk Chocolate Bar with Gianduja Praline - 100g

Cailler Dessert Milk Chocolate Bar with Gianduja Praline - 100g

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Cailler Dessert Milk Chocolate Bar with Gianduja Hazelnut Filling - 100g: A Swiss Chocolate Delight

Dive into the essence of Swiss chocolate with our Cailler Dessert Milk Chocolate Bar. This 100g bar melds the creamy richness of milk chocolate with the velvety texture of gianduja hazelnut cream for an indulgent taste experience. Perfect for connoisseurs of fine chocolate, this bar offers a satisfying and rich flavor profile that's truly memorable.

Why Choose Our Cailler Dessert Milk Chocolate Bar?

  • Gianduja Hazelnut Harmony: The smooth gianduja hazelnut cream paired with our milk chocolate offers a taste experience that is both rich and harmonious.
  • Swiss Quality: Our chocolate is produced with a focus on quality, incorporating select ingredients to create a superior tasting experience.
  • Sustainable Practices: The cocoa used in our chocolate is sourced from farms committed to environmental sustainability and community welfare.

Ingredients: sweetened condensed MILK (41%) (MILK, skimmed MILK, sugar), sugar, HAZELNUTS (19%), cocoa butter, cocoa (4%), BUTTERFAT, cocoa mass (0.5%), emulsifier (lecithin), vanilla extract. While our chocolate is crafted with care, please be aware it may contain traces of EGGS, GLUTEN, ALMONDS, and other NUTS.

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