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Zweifel Wave Chips French Fries - 120g

Zweifel Wave Chips French Fries - 120g

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Zweifel Wave Chips French Fries - 120g

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Ingredients Potatoes, rapeseed oil 33%, spice preparation (sugar, salt 1.6% (Switzerland), maltodextrin, flavoring (contains MILK), acidity regulator (sodium acetate), onions, curry, yeast extract).

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Potato Chips Wave Chips French Fries Sauce with the popular combination of mayonnaise and a hint of spicy curry. The new extra crunchy wave for even more variety.

Zweifel Wave Chips are a type of potato chip produced by Zweifel, a Swiss snack company founded in 1958. The company is well-known for manufacturing various types of potato chips and other snacks, such as popcorn, pretzels, and extruded snacks. Wave Chips, in particular, are ridged or wavy potato chips that are characterized by their distinctive shape and texture. The wavy design is created by cutting potatoes into thin, undulating slices before frying them in oil. These ridges not only give the chips a crunchier texture but also help hold more seasoning, which enhances the overall flavor. Zweifel shop online  [caption id="attachment_34483" align="alignnone" width="300"]Zweifel Wave Chips French Fries - 120g Zweifel Wave Chips French Fries - 120g[/caption] https://swissfoodexpress.com/product/zweifel-wave-chips-french-fries-120g/
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