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Swiss Food

Hero Rösti Diavolo - 425g

Hero Rösti Diavolo - 425g

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Hero Rösti Diavolo

It's time to spice things up with a dish that has an Swiss twist. Start your day off the right way with this Devilishly hot Rösti with spicy salami, strips of peperoncini, and a little dash of Parmesan cheese, all wrapped in a golden brown crust.

Believe it or not, Rösti is a Swiss dish that is traditionally served with bacon fried in the pan. This modern variation substitutes the usual bacon for spicy salami strips and adds spicy peperoncini to spice things up. If you like your food on the heat, this is definitely a must-try!

Griddle Frying

To make sure that there is no added fat, put the pan on a medium heat to fry. Flip using a plate or lid and fry until golden brown.

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