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Cailler Milk Hazelnuts - 10 x 100g

Cailler Milk Hazelnuts - 10 x 100g

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Cailler Milk Hazelnuts - 10 x 100g: A Symphony of Swiss Excellence

Embark on a decadent journey with Cailler Milk Hazelnuts, a luxurious ensemble of creamy milk chocolate and rich, crunchy hazelnuts. Each bar in this 10 x 100g collection is crafted with a devotion to quality, combining 43% sweetened condensed milk with 24% hazelnuts, ensuring a perfect balance between smooth chocolate and nutty delight. The inclusion of Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa and cocoa butter underscores Cailler's commitment to sustainability and superior taste.

Hazelnuts are celebrated for their ability to add a delightful crunch and a depth of flavor to chocolate, creating a harmonious blend that's both comforting and indulgent. Cailler, a brand synonymous with Swiss chocolate excellence, has masterfully combined these elements, offering a chocolate experience that's not just tasted but deeply felt.

This selection is not merely a treat; it's an exploration of the rich, nuanced world of Swiss chocolaterie, where the legacy of quality chocolate making meets the robust, earthy tones of hazelnuts. Whether savored slowly or shared with loved ones, Cailler Milk Hazelnuts is a testament to the craft of chocolate making, promising moments of pure joy and a taste of Swiss heritage in every bite.

Ingredients: sweetened condensed MILK 43% (MILK, skimmed MILK, sugar), HAZELNUTS 24%, sugar, cocoa butter*, cocoa*, BUTTERFAT, cocoa mass* (Ghana), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural Madagascar vanilla flavour. *Rainforest Alliance Certified. Find out more at ra.org. Please be aware: may contain traces of EGGS, WHEAT, RYE, BARLEY, OATS, ALMONDS, WALNUTS, CASHEW NUTS, PECAN NUTS, PISTACHIOS, MACADAMIA NUTS.

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