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Swiss Food

Zweifel Original Chicken in a Basket - 175g

Zweifel Original Chicken in a Basket - 175g

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Zweifel Original Chicken in a Basket


Because rarely does anything taste as good as the earliest childhood memories, these Zweifel Original Potato chips have been launched for all nostalgics and fans of really tempting snacks, as they taste just like the traditional Swiss dish in the garden pub around the corner: unmistakable, typical and unique. And vegan to top it all off! Try & enjoy now. Produced in Switzerland. Just as it was over 60 years ago.  
100g contain
Energy 2227 kj 534 kcal
Fat of which saturated fatty acids 34g 2.1g
Carbohydrates of which sugar 50g 2.6g
Fibre 5.5g
Protein 5.9g
Salt 1.4g
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