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Zweifel Kezz Salt & Vinegar Crisps - 110g

Zweifel Kezz Salt & Vinegar Crisps - 110g

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Zweifel Kezz Salt & Vinegar Crisps - 110g Swiss Craftsmanship, Exotic Flavor

Made in Switzerland, Perfect for Every Occasion

If you're in search of a snack that marries the rustic flavor of Swiss potatoes with an exotic twist, then Zweifel Kezz Salt & Vinegar Crisps are your go-to choice. These chips are more than just a snack; they're a flavor experience that transports you straight to the Swiss mountains. High-Quality Ingredients Crafted with premium Swiss potatoes, these crisps are fried in rapeseed oil and seasoned with a blend of Atlantic sea salt and distilled vinegar. Every ingredient is meticulously selected to ensure unmatched flavor and crispiness. Rustically Sliced, Deliciously Crispy What sets Zweifel Kezz Salt & Vinegar Crisps apart is their rustic cut with the skin on, giving an extra crunch and full flavor in every bite. The ridged texture on the surface of the crisps further intensifies the flavor, making them irresistible. Nutrition and Health For nutritional details, please refer to the information on the packaging. Thanks to natural ingredients and rapeseed oil, these crisps are a healthier option compared to many other snacks on the market. Authentic Flavor, Unique Experience With a full-bodied vinegar note and sea salt perfectly balancing the sweetness of the potatoes, these crisps are ideal for those looking for a unique and captivating flavor.   Ingredients: potatoes, rapeseed oil, seasoning (maltodextrine, acidity regulators (sodium acetate, citric acid), sea salt 1.3% (France), dextrose, distilled vinegar 0.7%, natural flavour).
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