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Zweifel Inferno Wave Chips - 120g

Zweifel Inferno Wave Chips - 120g

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Zweifel Inferno Wave Chips

The Zweifel Original reinterpreted. Extra crispy chips with pure, high-quality Swiss alpine salted. A welcome alternative for those who love our classic chips. For this limited edition, the Wave Imp held its fork a little longer in the flames of the spices and hid a handful of ultra-spicy chips in each bag. Will you dare to submit to the test of courage to find them? Hellishly spicy and devilishly good. The special wavy cut makes them extra crunchy and gives them a true flavour inferno! Order now from SwissFood and receive them directly at home.   Ingredients: 'potatoes, rapeseed oil (31%), seasoning (dextrose, maltodextrin, potato starch, yeast extract, salt (Switzerland) (1.5%), tomato pow''der, cumin, acid (citric acid), colour (paprika extract), natural flavour).'    
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