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Wernli Sablé Cookies - 300 pcs (1.65Kg)

Wernli Sablé Cookies - 300 pcs (1.65Kg)

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A Heritage of Taste: Wernli Sablé Cookies - 300 pcs (1.65Kg)

Indulge in a slice of Swiss tradition with the Wernli Sablé Cookies, a delightful confection that carries with it a rich heritage of taste and quality. Baked following an age-old recipe, these tender shortbread cookies are a testament to timeless baking tradition. With every bite, you experience the rich, buttery flavor delivered by the 100% Swiss butter, making it a simple yet luxurious treat. The legacy of Wernli traces back to 1905 when the confectioner Fritz Wernli-Studer established his first biscuit bakery in Trimbach. The brand became a household name in the 1980s with its endearing tagline "Me het de Wernli eifach gernli," illustrating a fondness that transcended generations. In 2008, the family enterprise HUG AG embraced Wernli, fostering a collaborative venture to maintain an unwavering standard of excellence. While the assortment features cherished classics like Jura Waffeln, Choco Petit Beurre, and Japonais, Wernli continues to innovate with new sophisticated creations, keeping the assortment fresh and enticing. Whether paired with a warm cup of coffee or enjoyed as a solitary treat, the Wernli Sablé Cookies bring a touch of Swiss authenticity to your table. With 300 pieces in a pack, there’s more than enough to share the joy of Swiss culinary tradition with friends and family. Discover the charm of Swiss baking with Wernli Sablé Cookies - a timeless treat that embodies the essence of Switzerland’s cherished confectionery legacy.   Ingredients: WEIZENMEHL, Zucker, Pflanzenfett/-öl ungehärtet (Palm, Kokos), BUTTER 10%, WEIZENSTÄRKE, Emulgator (Lecithine (SOJA)), Kochsalz, Backtriebmittel (Diphosphate, Natriumcarbonate), natürliches Aroma. Kann Spuren von MANDELN und HASELNÜSSEN enthalten.
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