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Kambly Organic & Vegan Hazelnut Squares - 80g

Kambly Organic & Vegan Hazelnut Squares - 80g

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Kambly Organic & Vegan Hazelnut Squares

Kambly Organic & Vegan Hazelnut Squares are a crispy biscuit with fine hazelnuts, enriched with dark Swiss Chocolate. Made only with natural and plant-based ingredients, these Kambly biscuit specialities are pure joy.

You know you want to enjoy a delicious & healthy snack. With Kambly Organic & Vegan Hazelnut Squares, you get the best of both worlds. Made with 100% organic and vegan ingredients, these Hazelnut Squares are as delicious as they are nutritious. Try our variety of flavors and make your day a little sweeter, guilt-free! Is it time to retire your cookie jar? Kambly Hazelnut Squares are a delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your health. These organic, vegan biscuit specialities are made with only natural and plant-based ingredients.


Chocolate 33% (raw cane sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter), hazelnuts 28%, raw cane sugar, wheat flour, raising agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate), water. May contain traces of eggsmilkalmondspistachios. All agricultural ingredients are from organic agriculture. Fairtrade cocoa and sugar may be mixed with non-certified cocoa and sugar on a mass balance basis. Fairtrade: total 57.3%
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