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Kambly Les Ficelles with Olives - 100g

Kambly Les Ficelles with Olives - 100g

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Kambly Les Ficelles with Olives

Try the delicious rolled sticks of Kabmly with olives, you can use them for appetizers, dinners with friends and are practical to carry with you. Swiss quality products are unmistakable, Swiss Food sells only 100% original products and shipped directly from Switzerland. Ingredients WHEAT FLOUR, preparation from green and black olives (green olives chopped (15%), black olives chopped (1%), capers, sunflower oil, spices, salt, acidity regulator (lactic acid, citric acid), antioxidant (ascorbic acid)), BUTTER, yeast, Olive oil (3.5%), salt, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, BARLEY MALT EXTRACT, garlic powder, dried basil, sugar, raising agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate), lemon concentrate, cocoa powder, pepper, acerola powder (on manioc starch). Information for allergy sufferers: See highlighted ingredients Description Puff pastries Kambly - Swiss excellence since 1910 Weight Net weight: 100.0 g  
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