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Dar-Vida Family Pack Plain Crackers - 375g

Dar-Vida Family Pack Plain Crackers - 375g

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Dar-Vida Family Pack Plain Crackers - 375g - Wholesome Wholegrain Snack

Dar-Vida Plain Crackers are the essence of wholesome snacking. Each cracker in our 375g Family Pack is baked with 89% stone-ground whole wheat flour, harvested and milled to preserve every nutrient. Our Swiss dedication to quality means you get a snack loaded with essential minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium, supporting your daily wellness. With Dar-Vida's traditional Swiss baking methods, we ensure that these whole grain snacks offer a satisfying crunch with every bite. By choosing canola oil for its heart-healthy fats and enriching with folic acid, Dar-Vida commits to your health, making these healthy crackers not just tasty but also nourishing. Indulge in Dar-Vida Plain Crackers alone for a light snack or with your favorite toppings for a hearty treat. This Family Pack is your pantry essential for smart snacking, delightful entertaining, or gifting wellness. Embrace the crunch and wholesomeness of Dar-Vida Plain Crackers—add to your cart today for a snack that complements a healthy lifestyle! Ingredients: STONE GROUND WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR 89%, canola oil 8%, yeast, sea salt, BARLEY MALT, raising agent (sodium carbonates). May contain traces of SESAME SEEDS.
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