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Caotina Original - 1Kg

Caotina Original - 1Kg

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Caotina Original - 1Kg: The Authentic Swiss Chocolate Delight

Explore the Taste of Real Swiss Chocolate Caotina Original, with its unparalleled flavor, is the essence of the Swiss chocolate tradition. This high-quality Swiss chocolate powder drink offers an authentically Swiss taste experience with every sip, making Caotina Original a true representation of Swiss chocolate mastery. Richness of Cocoa and Superior Quality The formula of Caotina Original boasts at least 45% cocoa in its chocolate, ensuring an exceptional intensity and depth of flavor. This composition elevates Caotina above ordinary chocolate drinks, providing a uniquely delightful tasting experience that only Caotina Original can offer. Perfect for Every Moment Suitable for every season, Caotina Original can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Whether it's a relaxing winter evening or a refreshing summer day, Caotina adapts perfectly to any moment, making every sip of Caotina Original a celebration of Swiss chocolate tradition. Easy and Quick to Prepare Enjoy the simplicity of preparing Caotina Original: add 2-3 heaping teaspoons to 200 ml of milk, hot or cold, stir well, and immerse yourself in the rich flavor of Swiss chocolate. Each 1 kg package of Caotina Original offers up to 67 servings, ensuring a prolonged enjoyment of this Swiss delicacy. Proudly Swiss Made in Switzerland, Caotina Original embodies the quality and authenticity that Swiss chocolate is renowned for. More than just a treat for the palate, Caotina Original is a tribute to Switzerland's esteemed chocolate heritage, offering a taste that is deeply rooted in Swiss tradition. Immerse Yourself in Swiss Tradition with Caotina Original With every cup of Caotina Original, you embark on a journey to the heart of Switzerland. It's a unique experience that celebrates the richness and diversity of Swiss chocolate culture, brought to life by the authentic taste of Caotina Original. Ingredients: Sugar, low-fat cocoa powder (low-fat cocoa powder¹, emulsifier (lecithins)), glucose, chocolate 7% (sugar, cocoa mass¹, low-fat cocoa powder¹, flavoring (vanillin)), anti-caking agent (dicalcium phosphate), flavoring (vanillin), table salt. May contain: Milk. Cocoa: at least 45% in the chocolate.
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