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Cailler Milk and Hazelnuts - 100g

Cailler Milk and Hazelnuts - 100g

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Cailler Milk and Hazelnuts Chocolate Bar: A Crunchy Delight Wrapped in Silk

Step into the world of exquisite Swiss chocolate with the Cailler Milk and Hazelnuts Chocolate Bar. This special creation marries the rich, creamy texture of milk chocolate with the hearty crunch of whole hazelnuts, roasted to perfection in-house. Each bite starts with a satisfying crunch, gradually melting into the smooth, velvety embrace of milk chocolate. Crafted using fine cocoa and premium milk from our local region, this bar is a celebration of quality and tradition.

Why Choose Cailler Milk and Hazelnuts Chocolate Bar?

  • Whole Roasted Hazelnuts: Our hazelnuts are carefully selected and roasted in-house to ensure a burst of crunchiness that perfectly complements the soft melt of milk chocolate.
  • Local Ingredients: We take pride in using fine cocoa and milk sourced from the region, ensuring every bar is a testament to Swiss quality and dedication.
  • Perfectly Balanced Taste: The combination of crunchy hazelnuts and smooth milk chocolate offers a harmonious taste experience that's both rich and rewarding.

Ingredients: sugar, sweetened condensed MILK (45%) (milk, skimmed MILK, sugar), HAZELNUTS (24%), cocoa butter, cocoa (4.5%), BUTTERFAT, cocoa mass (0.5%), emulsifier (lecithin), vanilla extract. While enjoying this chocolate delight, please be aware that it may contain traces of EGGS, GLUTEN, ALMONDS, and other NUTS.

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