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Cailler Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds- 200g

Cailler Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds- 200g

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Cailler Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds - 200g: An Ode to Swiss chocolate and Nature

Immerse yourself in the essence of Swiss chocolate mastery with our Cailler Milk Chocolate Bar with Almonds. This 200g bar is a luxurious journey through the heart of Switzerland's rich culinary landscape, where the robust flavors of locally-sourced almonds, cocoa, and milk unite in a harmonious blend. Each almond, roasted to bring out its depth and crunch, is tenderly enveloped by our velvety milk chocolate, creating a trinity of tastes that promises an unforgettable experience from the first bite.

Inspired by the world's most creatively crafted chocolates, our bar embodies the spirit of innovation and tradition. Imagine a piece of chocolate that captures the enchantment of a lush Swiss forest, where every bite is a step deeper into a world of unparalleled taste and texture. The almonds add a delightful surprise, their texture and flavor intensifying the chocolate's creamy richness, making each square not just a bite, but a moment to cherish.

Ingredients: Roasted ALMONDS (30%) (pieces, whole), sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa (4%), BUTTERFAT, cocoa mass (0.5%), emulsifier (lecithin), vanilla extract. Please note: it may contain traces of EGGS, GLUTEN, HAZELNUTS, other NUTS.

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